Want to unwind and destress? Try the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle!

Many of us want to give up the rat-race and live a better life, but not many of us do. It is a dream most of us have, but unfortunately, can’t put into practice. The nearest thing to it that most of us can manage is a good holiday. Of course, that depends on your definition of a good vacation. Some like the perpetual party type holiday, involving discos, bars and dancing to the early hours of the morning. Others prefer the adventure kind, which centers on extreme sports, all the things you have no time to do or are too scared to do at home. If that’s the way you like to burn out the tension, that’s ok, but what  if you want relax and do something that is interesting, at the same time? Something that will take you out of your own environment? Someplace exotic, but which isn’t

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