Warsaw for Foodies: 5 Food & Drink Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss

When I think back to my trip to Warsaw, most of those memories revolve around food. From bowls of chilled pink beetroot soup to steaming plates of hunter’s stew, and strawberry-filled dessert pierogi to pints of the local brew; I feel like I spent most of my time eating and drinking my way around the city! That’s why when Dealchecker approached me about sharing some of my foodie recommendations for travel in Poland, I was more than happy to agree! Since I only visited Warsaw, I’ll be sticking to what I know best, and with that being said, here are some of my favourite food experiences around the city:

Have lunch at a milk bar

What is a milk bar, you ask? Don’t worry, I also raised an eyebrow the first time I heard the name. The term ‘milk bar’ is a misnomer; you don’t go to a milk bar to drink milk

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