“Welcome to the Electric Chair” at the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum

Say what you will about the men and women in blue – their hard work and heroic selflessness is invisible to too many.

Whether you’re interested in seeing the heroic men and women that help keep the country safe or just looking for the oddball stuff to laugh at, this is a great place for either. Founded in 1960, the museum is the first of its kind – and features an indoor shooting range to boot.

This police car is filled with hundreds of signatures and messages to a fallen police officer – a reminder that heroes aren’t always heard about in the news.

Lest we take things too seriously, the police car from Blade Runner is here to lighten the mood.

Ahh, the Segway – that vehicle sometimes thought of as a punch line. As the panels explain, there are plenty of applications for a cop on patrol.

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