What can you expect from purpose-driven travel in Kenya?

What can you expect from purpose-driven travel in Kenya? By on Aug 18, 2021 in Africa, Kenya, Regions

Purpose-driven travel is about engaging in experiences that contribute to sustainability and empowerment. In other words, travelling with purpose means travelling better. And, without even knowing it, the positive impact you are able to make by engaging in environmental initiatives and authentic cultural connections, will in turn make your experience so much more immersive and meaningful.

By putting ‘purpose’ at the centre of your travel experience, you get to make deep connections with the people and places you visit, while ensuring you minimise environmental impacts, protect the natural environment and biodiversity, and uplift local communities through fair trade. It’s an approach to travel that is more sustainable, responsible and ethical to all involved, giving back in a respectful way to those that call your holiday destination their home.

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