What I Learned Starting Two Little Startups

For about three years I worked really hard on a startup called Sett. It’s a blogging platform that did a lot of things very different, and, in fact, is still the blogging platform that my blog runs on because I’m totally unwilling to give up the features that I’ve gotten used to.

At the same time, it was a commercial failure, barely making more money than it cost to run the servers, and certainly not enough to compensate Todd and I for the work we put in.

I also run a site called CruiseSheet. It’s not wildly profitable, but it does consistently turn a profit, and I even have an employee to do all the daily tasks. These two startups are very different, and I’ve learned a lot through doing them.

The first thing I learned is that traditional “startups” are overglorfied, at least from my perspective. They seem to

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