What I’ll Miss About Living in Uganda (And What I Won’t)

This week, I left Kampala, Uganda, after living there for almost a year. While I’m happy to be back in the states, I’m already missing my home away from home in Uganda’s capital.

Which isn’t to say that living in Uganda didn’t frustrate me; at times, it did. But overall I really enjoyed living in Uganda. I made incredible friends, enjoyed a high quality of life, and had some once in a lifetime experiences (e.g. mountain-biking with zebras).

Someday, I’d love to move back to East Africa. But in the meantime, here’s what I will and won’t miss about living in the Pearl of Africa.

What I’ll Miss

The weather.

You can’t complain about 75 degrees and sunny every single day.

The avocados, mangos, and passionfruit

The tropical fruit in Uganda is bar-none. Words can’t explain how much I will miss $1 avocados the size of a football.

Super exotic weekend

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