What is ema datse? A guide to Bhutanese food

Bhutan’s culinary tradition is heavily influenced by Tibet, and with a diverse climate, the country is suitable for growing all sorts of crops. While the 5-star hotels (Taj, Le Meridien, Amankora, Uma) offer gourmet experiences, once outside of their restaurants, when eating more authentic, everyday dishes, you’ll find much less of a variety. Bhutan’s traditional cuisine, while fresh and filling, lacks the fusion of flavors found in other Asian countries such as India or Vietnam, but it is plentiful and certainly appetizing.

Rice and noodles are the mainstay meal starches. Bhutan is famous for its medium-grain red rice, and if time allows for an excursion to the Thimphu market, you’ll see piles of it (along with 4 or 5 other varieties). Buckwheat is the staple found mainly in the eastern part of the country, where you’ll likely be served buckwheat pancakes and noodles. You may have the opportunity to try ara,

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