What Living in London as an Expat is Really Like

Welcome back to American Expats, a series that shows you what expat life is like in cities around the world. Our latest interview features Micaela, an elementary school teacher living in London with her British husband.

Here, she shares her favorite things about living in London (the edgy fashion and friendly people) and her least favorite (the coffee and high cost of living). Without further ado!

Micaela’s background: 

I’m originally from Houston, Texas, where I’d lived my whole life until moving to London last year. I ended up in London because my husband is originally from here. We met while he was on a work trip in Houston, and ended up doing long distance for two years. Then we got married and I moved across the pond!

In London, I work as an elementary school teacher. I currently teach Year 3 (7-8 year olds) and adore my class.

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