What to eat in Egypt?

What to eat in Egypt? By on Aug 09, 2021 in Africa, Bars, Clubs, Egypt, Food and Drink, Going Out, Regions, Restaurants, Travel Miscellany

When you’re traveling to Egypt, it’s common to be blown away by the beauty and wonders of this extraordinary country, and forgetting that the food culture is indeed unique and worth exploring. In terms of what to expect, traditional foods in Egypt include lamb, beef, and fish, and a variety of recipes contain rice and grains, as well as beans and vegetables. As a result, even vegetarians will find enough delicious food in the country. Egypt has all types of restaurants and food carts that you might dream of, starting from the local Egyptian foods such as Molokhia, Falafel, and Mahshi, to fancy foreign restaurants specialized in cooking American, Italian, Chinese, and other countries’ cuisines. In this blog,

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