What to expect in an Icelandic winter – the good, the bad and the stormy

“Memories are made from experiences, not from pictures.”

This month’s post was started while cuddled up under a big blanket, stuck indoors during the first ever Red rated storm in Iceland’s history. However, this post was also completed two days later while chilling out in a cafe under perfectly blue skies and not a whisper of wind. This month I will delve into the Iceland climate, what to wear, how to deal with the bad weather if you’re unlucky and what you can still experience at this time of year despite it. I often quip to people I speak to that “there’s no such thing as a full week of bad weather in Iceland”. Then sadly add… “or good weather”. 

Icelandic climate

“It’s warmer than you think!”


Iceland skirts the edges of the Arctic Circle between 64 and 66 degrees. You would be mistaken for thinking that means that Iceland

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