What to pack (and how!) for your safari

By on Dec 04, 2018 in Accessories, Adventure Travel, Africa, Clothing, Gadgets, Luggage, Photography, Regions, Speciality Travel, Travel Equipment

There was a time when going on safari meant travelling with an entourage, who would carry everything from your Louis Vuitton trunks to your campaign desk, your Persian carpets to your folding commode. With the opening of world class camps and lodges, equipped and decorated to incredibly high levels, you can leave most, if not all, of these necessities (plus the troop of footmen to carry them) at home.

What then are the essentials? You don’t need to buy or bring any expensive items for your trip, but should choose them carefully and pack lightly. The right clothing and equipment will help you make the most of your trip.

The single most important selection of what to bring on safari is your clothes. It’s not a fashion

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