What's Going to be Different Tomorrow?

Yesterday, in a fit of inspiration, moved the furniture out of my bedroom and tore up half of the carpets. A few months ago I did the floors for the rest of my house, but I ran out of time and my bedroom threshhold was a natural stopping point. And then… there was no natural restarting point.

So for six months I’ve had a pile of flooring, two rolls of rubber underlayment, and an air compressor sitting on my floor.

My neighbors go to sleep early, so I didn’t make much progress the first night. I just removed the carpet, scraped the floor of old glue, pulled off the baseboards and molding, and pulled extra staples.

The next day I got a late start because I had some other work to do, and when I was done with it, I just didn’t feel like working. I moved at a snail’s

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