When Am I Going to Feel Normal Again After Brain Surgery?

It’s been four long years since my brain surgery, and I’m now so removed from the experience and most of its consequences that I almost need to remind myself that it happened. In the weeks before, when the tumor on my hypothalamus was an unknown variable, my friend Mindy said to me, “Hopefully, one day this will all be just a really weird story you tell people.”

For a long time, that seemed like an impossibility – it felt like my brain surgery was a defining moment in my life, if not the defining moment. It felt giant and inescapable, consuming huge parts of my personality.

“I’m Geraldine. I had brain surgery.”

It felt like there was no other story for me to tell.

Self-portrait in my neurosurgeon’s office.

For a long time, I just wanted to feel like myself again – a struggle that took on a life

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