When You’re on Vacation, and Your Flight Goes Wrong 

I’ve talked before on the 9 to 5 Wanderer about how to make your airport experience smooth or how to survive your long haul flight, but what do you do when you’ve prepared for everything, and things still goes awry? In honor of July 4th weekend, a big travel weekend, I’d like to talk about how to survive the air travel horror stories. This past spring, I went on a trip to Philly and then to Florida. The flight from Boston to Philadelphia was easy, my flight landed early, and my transit into Philly’s City Center pulled up just as I walked onto the platform. Little did I know, the next leg was not going to be so smooth.

At the end of the weekend, I headed off to my next destination, Florida. I packed the night before, checked in, picked my seat, and downloaded my boarding pass into my

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