Where Digital Nomads are Heading in 2017

Whether you’ve been a digital nomad for years or are just exploring the possibilities, knowing where to go is part of the fun! I’ve asked digital nomads and travel bloggers from around the world to share their stories of where they’re heading or where they are in 2017. Specifically, I asked them four questions:

Why this city? What’s their cost of living, or a ballpark figure? (Prices are in US dollars) How long will they be there? Any cautions / downsides to note? The one thing they all have in common…

For all the ‘trendy spots’ that are talked about in the digital nomad world, there are plenty of digital nomads choosing less-obvious trendy spots because the place fits their needs. My hope here is to show how many places to be a digital nomad – you’re not limited to a handful of cities considered trendy

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