Where to find Africa’s best safari guides

Even among African safari guides, Zimbabwean guides are considered the best on the continent. Of course, all safari guides are well-trained and knowledgeable, but Zimbabwe’s training to be a “Pro Guide,” is the most demanding and extensive on the continent. Typically, the licensing process and education takes about four years to complete! So, anyone interested in safari guiding needs to be determined and passionate. The requirements and examinations are created and administered by the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in collaboration with Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association.

In order to become a Zimbabwe guide, students must pass a lengthy written exam covering a variety of topics related to flora and fauna. Prospective guides often study for a year before taking the test. If they pass, they go on to an apprenticeship with companies such as Wilderness Safaris (with whom my company partners). They will spend three

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