Where to Find Amazing Massive Buildings

Tall buildings have been around since Roman times and they were built for two reasons. One was because of a lack of land so the only choice was to build upwards. The second reason was for protection: the view that it offered of anyone who might be arriving from far away and the ability to attack an enemy from high above them. The Flaxmill was the first partially iron framed building in the world and it was built in 1797 Shrewsbury, England. It is known as the “grandfather of skyscrapers”, because its combination of cast iron columns and cast iron beams evolved into the modern steel frame that made modern skyscrapers are made from today. Rand McNally Building in Chicago was built in 1889 and it was the first steel frame skyscraper that was ever built. Ever since the first skyscraper was built there has been a global competition to

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