Where to find the best cocktails around the world – the bloggers guide

Every traveller I know loves cocktails. You probably know the feeling well – you’ve just landed at the airport at your chosen destination and now you’re waiting for your taxi and daydreaming about having a cocktail at the beach or a local bar. Yep, travel and cocktails just seem to go hand in hand.

Just to add to the long list of reasons why cocktails are just so brill is that (you’ve probably noticed you’ve probably noticed that a country’s most famous signature drinks seem to perfectly sum up the destination itself – from a hot and spicy canelazo served up an equally hot and spicy Ecuador to Ernest Hemingway’s favourite and Cuba’s signature drink from the mojito, made with lime, sugar, rum, and typically with spearmint which is as lively, fun and er…tropical as the Caribbean island itself.

From Bloody Mary supped on a rooftop in Manhattan to a

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