Where to see the Big 5 in Tanzania

Where to see the Big 5 in Tanzania By on Aug 07, 2021 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Regions, Speciality Travel, Tanzania

Although Africa boasts an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, there are five animals that are more famous than any of the others. Nicknamed the ‘Big 5’, these animals have built a reputation as being the most desirable to find on safari. Unfairly many visitors judge their trips on how many of this list has been ticked off, but a safari should not be about ticking things off, it should be about immersing yourself in wild and natural surroundings, taking in everything from the very smallest to the very largest of creatures.

The term ‘Big 5’ is a phrase coined by former hunters, these are the hardest animals to hunt on foot in the African bush, so it is no wonder that the list comprises

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