Which Latin American Countries Should be on Your 2018 Bucket List

There are so many beautiful areas in Latin America that you should visit. Creating a bucket list is a good way to remember where you want to go. Here are the countries that should be on your 2018 bucket list.


Brazil is a vast country which stretches from the massive Iguazu Falls in the south to the Amazon basin in the north. Rio de Janeiro is popular for the famous Christ the Redeemer statue which stands 30 feet tall and Copacabana, a crescent shaped beach that is a popular destination with both locals and tourists around the clock.

Ilha Grande is known for its winding beaches and stunning scenery. You can visit the Porto de Galinhas which is famous for surfing, snorkelling and crystal clear turquoise water. You can also visit the Fernando de Noronha which is a national marine park and has spectacular scenery. A few other

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