Which part of Mexico is best for your Royal Holiday babymoon?

One of life’s major transitions is when you bring a child into the world. During your pregnancy, you are often told by loved ones, acquaintances, and strangers that your life is soon going to change forever; that you will not have time for yourself.

In order to ensure that they are as relaxed as possible before bringing a new baby into the world, many parents-to-be set out on babymoons to take some time for themselves before the baby arrives. While you could go anywhere, there is something to be said about packing your bags and heading to the pristine white-sand beaches of Mexico. Here are a few locations that make for excellent and relaxing babymoons:


A quiet, coastal town, Manzanillo is a sought-after destination for good reason. It is dubbed as the “Sailfish Capital of the World” and, considering its beautiful coast, this classification is not hard to believe. Nestled

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