Why Cam Ranh should be on your luxury travel radar

Cam Ranh in Vietnam is an upscale alternative to nearby Nha Trang that offers peace, tranquility and the perfect escape. Since Cam Ranh international airport opened in 2009 the area has seen rapid tourism based development with multiple hotels and resorts opening along the peninsular facing the South China Sea. The proximity to the international airport makes hotel transfers a breeze, allowing you to be checked in to your chosen resort within minutes of collecting your baggage, enjoying a welcome drink whilst soaking up the ocean vistas. Everyone has heard of Nha Trang which has welcomed guests for decades,  but for us it’s all about Cam Ranh where these three unique luxury resorts are setting standards for luxury travel in the region and putting Can Ranh firmly on the map.

Alma Resort Cam Ranh

Alma Resort Cam Ranh is an independently owned and operated luxury resort

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