Why Croatia is becoming the next luxury villa destination

Sitting in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia was missed as a holiday destination for many years. As if it were invisible, people were unaware of the stunning scenery, temperate climate, crystal blue waters and long sandy beaches.  However, Europe’s best-kept vacation location secret has finally got out, and with real gems like Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia has starting climbing to the top of the best holiday locations.

With popularity comes demand

With crowds of tourists now flocking to this fantastic, if little-researched destination, the demand for facilities goes up.  There has always been a good selection of hotels and guesthouses, but a new class of holidaymaker has seen a surge of luxury villa rentals starting to appear.  Actors and actresses and the rich and famous, have decided that Croatia is an excellent location for their getaway which means that they require a secluded and well-equipped accommodation. Supply readily meets demand, and there

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