Why Drinking Alcohol is a Bad Idea

This post was suggested by a drinker, which I thought was pretty funny. He goes back and forth on it, though, so maybe he’s on the fence and I can help push him to one side (hopefully my side).

I don’t drink. I’ve had five sips total in my life, three of them accidental. I’ll admit that this does give me a certain lack of perspective. I have no idea what it’s like to drink, but I’m happy to concede the point that it’s probably a whole lot of fun.

Most people drink because… most other people drink. It’s a rite of passage in our society, is universally seen as cool (probably because it’s in the best interest of beer company execs for it to be seen as cool), so most people don’t think all that much about it.

Due to my stubbornness and general disinterest in doing anything the

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