Why Elounda is ideal for your next family vacation

Family vacations are typically difficult to plan, as the parents must think of all sorts of things that will make the vacation comfortable, fun and dare we say relaxing. Crete, as a destination, is a no-brainer when it comes to family vacations as it offers variety in hotel properties, fun experiences, the nature is completely compelling and the weather is beautiful. However, Crete is so big that it could be a country on its own and it is not helpful if someone just suggests Crete. The questions that will arise are: Where in Crete? Where will I stay? What will I do?

The first answer is: Elounda. Families will utterly fall in love with Elounda because of the amazing location and accessibility. Once you land in Heraklion, a driver will be waiting for you and your loved ones to pick you up and drive you to one of the luxury

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