Why Kraków is Eastern Europe’s new go-to destination

Eastern Europe has seen vast abundances of new tourism in the last decade, with the region stepping out of its ex-Soviet shadow to announce itself to the world. With both vivid colour and vibrancy, Europe’s cultured east is the globe’s new extravagant phoenix rising out of the ashes.

Eastern Europe is seasoned with brilliance, with the region and immense culture going together like salt and pepper. Leading Eastern Europe’s rapid rise is Poland – an intriguing country of intrinsic architecture and diverse landscapes who, in the early embers of 1989, transitioned from a state of communism to democracy thus prompting the dissolution of the mighty USSR 2 years later. With such a distinctive concoction of both medieval and modern history, Poland certainly has more to offer than originally expected…

Join me as I dive into the southern city of Kraków, a city steeped in rich heritage which is leading

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