Why should you visit Dubrovnik during Christmas?

Dubrovnik is truly a magical place, at any time of the year. If you have only experienced this pearl of the Adriatic during the summer, come back and enjoy the Christmas holiday feeling, when the city is turned into a great winter destination. Of course, as soon as the pandemic is over, festive Dubrovnik can go back to its full glow again.

This year, the program is obviously limited, but just wandering through the decorated Old Town in its quieter form has a remarkable aura of its own. Add to it the excitement of local families coming together to enjoy this important holy time, the ambiance in Dubrovnik is genuinely unique and totally different from that in the summer months or in other, more conventional Advent destinations in Europe.

Dubrovnik Advent programme

Although much of Europe is usually under a snowy white winter coat, Dubrovnik experiences a generally warm

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