Why Wakatobi Resort is a must-visit for avid snorkelers

Why Wakatobi Resort is a must-visit for avid snorkelers By on Aug 01, 2022 in Accommodation, Asia, Indonesia, Leisure Travel, Regions, Resorts, Speciality Travel

When snorkeling becomes a passion, a quick excursion off a resort beach or a crowded boat tour to a generic site isn’t enough. Avid snorkeling enthusiasts want pristine reefs away from the crowds, where ideal conditions and diverse ecosystems provide hours of in-water enjoyment. This is exactly what they find at Wakatobi Resort.

Wakatobi is a beachfront oasis located on a small island in Indonesia’s Southeast Sulawesi region, home to some of the world’s most pristine and bio-diverse coral reefs. The resort is surrounded by a private marine preserve that is widely known as a premier diving destination. But unlike some SCUBA-centric meccas, Wakatobi is equally attractive to avid snorkelers.

To understand Wakatobi’s appeal to snorkelers, you don’t need to

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