Why You Need to Experience Moscow

Moscow’s culture and multifaceted society are like nothing you’ve ever witnessed before, and there are some incredible traditions that deserved to be lived, rather than just read about. The city has music, art, theater and great food, striking architecture, and more; it’s a city of incredible highs.

Photo via FLIKR by mariusz kluzniak

First thing’s first; you don’t just visit Moscow; you experience the city. Its attractions are a huge part of that appeal. While some of the city’s sights and attractions are well known, including the magnificent Red Square, the imposing Kremlin, the Seven Sisters, stunning St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow Zoo, the dazzling Bolshoi Theater, and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, others may have escaped your attention until now. Visitors to Moscow should take their time to peruse the Old Arbat area, and to soak up a little of the city’s culture and everyday vibe, as well

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