Wilderness in waiting: 5 unmissable wildlife documentaries

‘Wilderness in waiting’ is a four-part weekly series, highlighting Africa’s proud wildlife heritage during the COVID pandemic.

Many of Africa’s most critical pressing conservation victories have been won because either an individual or group of like-minded people have dedicated their lives to a critical cause. Many of these are first of their kind projects and thanks to the lens of a camera, we’re afforded the privilege of discovering these stories that stand at the intersection of human-wildlife conflict, poaching, and conservation.

While travel has had to temporally close, my connection to wilderness has continued from the comfort of my couch I’ve sought out and watched several of the most poignant wildlife stories of our time; stories deserve being shared.

Sadly, conservation efforts come at a cost and one of the devastating effects of the COVID pandemic is that many projects themselves, face the possibility of extinction without the injection of funds

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