Wildlife documentaries you must watch in lockdown

By on May 22, 2020 in Africa, Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Kenya, Regions, South Africa, Tanzania, Travel Miscellany, Videos, Zimbabwe

With a lot of the world in a state of ‘lock-down’ in one form or another, there is no better time to be transported to Africa from the comfort of your own armchair. Exploring some of our favourite wildlife documentaries will give you hours of entertainment, but may also serve as some inspiration as to where you could stay should you wish to visit Africa once it is safe to do. When you do, you may even be lucky enough to bear witness to some of your own ‘documentary-worthy’ sightings.

Dynasties: Painted Wolves

By far, Africa’s most enigmatic animals, the wild dog, aka painted wolf, is one of the most highly sought-after animals on safari. The BBC constantly provides jaw-dropping camera work and thrilling scenes which

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