Win a Pair of OOMG Shoes from OOFOS

After my first marathon in Honolulu, I wanted nothing more than to take my running shoes off and let my feet just relax. Unfortunately, the flip flops I brought to slip into after the race had a hard-bottomed sole and they hurt my feet even further.

There was nothing I could do right then but soon after I discovered OOFOS recovery sandals.

OOFOS shoes were created specifically for athletes to make a quick recovery from workouts on hard surfaces (i.e. running a road race). The foam technology in their shoes absorbs the shock from walking and provides an incredibly comfortable feeling–especially after a marathon!

When I was at The Running Event in Austin late last year, I stopped by the OOFOS booth and discovered that they now have lifestyle shoes! This means I don’t have to wait for the end of a race (or, at the very least, warm

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