Women’s March Founder Teresa Shook

“I’d rather be under-estimated than over. I know what I was capable of and what I had done in my life and if people want to think that I’m just a grandma, well they can. But I’m not just a grandma.” ~ Teresa Shook

If you heard my chat with Teri Waros of Moloka’i, you would have learned that Moloka’i is a pretty special place. It somehow manages to throw all the right people together and things just magically align there.

I had numerous magical moments but one of those was that I happened to be there the very day that Teresa Shook, the founder of the Women’s March, and I’m talking THE founder of the worldwide Women’s March, was there. She was visiting from Maui, where she lives. And she was there for one day to speak at a small event at Teri Waros’ bookstore. Though I had a

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