Yachting in Croatia: appreciating natural treasures

Yachting in Croatia: appreciating natural treasures By on May 28, 2022 in Croatia, Cruises & Boat Travel, Eastern Europe, Europe, Regions, Speciality Travel

Home to countless stunning landscapes and extraordinary locations intertwined with deep-rooted culture, there are some standout sights in Croatia that should not go undiscovered. Notably Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park are local gems and a yacht charter in Croatia presents the ideal opportunity to head inland and explore their natural beauty.

Krka National Park is an expansive nature reserve teeming with activities, extending along the 73km long Krka River. Predominantly famous for a series of seven waterfalls and a number of smaller cascades, the park runs from the Adriatic by Šibenik and heads inland towards the Dinaric range of mountains. From hiking trails to ancient ruins, river ferries to breath-taking waterfalls, there are countless opportunities for adventure,

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