You Don’t Have to Go Far from Faro

Most holidaymakers know that Faro is the Algarve‘s airport town. This means it is often overlooked as a holiday destination in its own right with arrivals to Portugal’s beautiful southern coastline dispersing all along the Algarve to more recognisable resorts. The Holiday Transfers team know that Faro has its own attractions that make it worthy of consideration as a holiday town.

The weather in Faro is mild in the autumn and spring, but warms up in the summer, with average temperatures being in the 80s during the warmest part of the year. The area gets plenty of precipitation during the colder months but not during the summer, when most days are beautiful and sunny. Generally, the climate is mild all year round, making the Algarve a favourite destination for summer and winter holidays.

There are many things to do in Faro and the surrounding areas to keep families, couples

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