You need help to start your own ‘digital nomad life’ — but not like this

So the New York Times recently wrote about the digital nomad life — an article I looked forward to reading as soon as I read the headline (“The Digital Nomad Life: Combining Work and Travel”).

It’s rare to be disappointed by a name as highly regarded as the New York Times, but I was. The article starts by mentioning a start-up (Unsettled) that’s made a name for itself by offering month-long ‘experiences’. As if being a digital nomad was a thing to experience, like salsa dancing or a football camp. The article barely talks about any digital nomads not enrolled in a program, and misleads people into thinking these new programs are how digital nomads are made.

A screenshot of the Unsettled promise, from their website.

Unsettled‘s product is compelling — $1,600 to $2,400 US for a month’s accommodation in a private room, full-time access to a co-working space,

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