Your wellness safari in Africa

Your wellness safari in Africa By on Jun 16, 2022 in Africa, Kenya, Regions, Spas & Pampering, Speciality Travel

A wellness safari in Africa is a tranquil, magical experience that helps you tune into nature, discovering health and happiness through creativity, pampering, and nurturing. It offers a sanctuary where you can re-centre yourself, far from the busyness of everyday life and stresses of the world around us.

The slow but adventurous rhythm of safari life, whether on or off the game vehicle, facilitates a deep engagement with the vast wilderness areas found throughout Africa. Our senses sharpen and reawaken the need to reconnect with nature, doing so by slowing down, reconsidering, and appreciating the small beautiful things around us.

While on safari, we are reminded of nature’s restorative benefits to mind, body and soul. These are just three simple ways to experience a bush getaway in

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