Your Wroclaw Travel Guide for the Perfect Weekend Escape

First things first, let’s start with the name: Wroclaw. This city’s name has baffled many a tourist and surely also left many a local shaking their head in disapproval. Wroclaw is not pronounced raw-claw, but rather vrots-whaf. Confusing, I know. Tricky name aside, Wroclaw turned out to be a yet another beautiful city to explore, and it made me really glad that Sam and I decided to dedicate a whole month to travel in Poland. The following are some of our favourite things to do in Wroclaw!

THINGS TO DO IN WROCLAW Explore Cathedral Island on foot

Let’s kick things off on Cathedral Island, which is the site of the city’s oldest settlement. Though the river’s flow has changed since Cathedral Island got its name (it hasn’t been an island for a very long time!), it still sits by the river’s edge and it’s a really nice place to explore

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