15 of the best forts and palaces to visit in India

As a subcontinent endowed with riches and countless natural blessings, India has historically been a coveted land for conquerors and invaders. From the ancient Aryan hordes, Alexander the Great, and Turko-Afghans to the Mughals and modern European Empires, India has seen a fair share of war and conquest.

Formidable forts and opulent palaces of India—which draw tens of millions of visitors every year—dot the landscape of this magnificent country.

Here is a list of the top 15 forts and palaces in India that you must visit.

Red Fort, Delhi

The magnificent fort residence of the Mughal Emperor of India, Delhi’s Lal Qila (Red Fort) is one of the capital’s proudest historical attractions. 

This towering red stone fort that stands 76 feet high was built by Emperor Shahjahan (the man who also commissioned the Taj Mahal) in the mid-17th century. UNESCO declared the Red Fort

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