4 unique restaurants to savour the flavours of Athens

Ancient history, cultural heritage and the modern Olympics are just a few elements that make Athens the great city that it is. Yet another, often underrated attribute, is its Mediterranean cuisine. Reflecting its rich heritage Athens boasts a vibrant culinary scene that spans traditional Greek flavours to innovative gastronomy, The cradle of Western civilisation, as it often affectionately known, offers a diverse array of dining experiences, blending ancient traditions with modern influences.

Whether you seek a romantic rooftop dinner with panoramic views, a taste of Michelin-starred excellence, or a casual bistro experience with local charm, Athens has something for everyone. Read on to learn about four very different restaurants that capture the essence of upscale dining in Athens.

Cookoovaya, located in Athens’ historic Pangrati neighborhood, prides itself on culinary excellence and is known for its ‘wise cuisine’. Well-travelled Chef-Owner Periklis Koskinas emphasises

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