5 highlights of Hunan Province in China

Hunan, a province located in central China is a brazen mix of opposites, old and new, clatter and calm, traditional and trendy. It is a region of mountains, rivers, lakes and urban areas. China’s most revered leader Chairman Mao was born here. The peaks of Zhangjiajie National Park provided an excellent setting for the film Avatar. In particular, the striking pillar, now known as Hallelujah Mountain, represented the floating mountains in this popular film. Changsha, its capital city, lies on the banks of the Xiang River, the largest river in this province. Many aspects of this lively province come together along Pozi Street in Changsha.

Walk along Pozi Street in Changsha

Pozi Street is a fusion of traditional China and trendy China. Walking along this street visitors can pass under a massive LED screen leading to a modern shopping mall in one direction. Or stroll

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