5 reasons to visit Costa Rica

5 reasons to visit Costa Rica By on Mar 25, 2023 in Central America, Costa Rica, Regions

Would you like to wake up with the sound of singing birds and roaring monkeys in an ecolodge in the middle of a tropical rainforest? Then when planning your next vacation, think of Costa Rica. This Latin American gem is one of the world’s most sustainable destinations, is compact and travelable and has a wonderful tropical climate year-round. It is rich in mysterious cloud forest, bursting with active volcanoes and a dazzling biodiversity. Add to that the inviting white beaches, turquoise waters and laid-back lifestyle and you have all the ingredients for a dream vacation. Pura Vida! Where the world can’t find you…

So here goes for our five reasons to visit Costa Rica:

1. Excellent road trippin’

Anything goes when traveling by rental car. Costa Rica is

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