6 things to do on Bermuda, away from the beach

The famous sugar pink sands of Bermuda and its glorious turquoise waters tempt visitors to relax
and sunbathe on its pristine beaches. But away from the beach there is a wealth of luxurious and
diverting things to experience on this lush, 21-mile island.

Shop Hamilton

The capital Hamilton is a shopper’s paradise. As well as Duty Free stores, elegant Front Street and the surrounding Reid and Queen Streets are lined with original upmarket stores selling everything from cigars to sandals. You can’t leave Bermuda without trying on a pair of Bermuda shorts, spotted all over the island and worn by policemen and businessmen as well as tourists. Stop off at TABS (it stands for The Authentic Bermuda Shorts) for a taste of island style found in their range of chic, colourful clothing.

Harbour Nights takes place held every Wednesday from May to September. This is when the streets

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