7 reasons to visit Komodo National Park on a luxury phinisi

Welcome to the land of dragons and mantas! Komodo National Park, located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores, is known for its world-class diving and famous residents. There are many ways to explore this unique region,  but for those seeking a more intimate and private experience, a charter on a luxury phinisi is the ultimate way. Embarking on such a voyage allows you the space and speed to fully engage with the presence and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the surrounding beauty. From luxury amenities, over the legendary Komodo dragons to one of the seven pink beaches on the planet, here are seven reasons why you should visit the Komodo National Park on a luxury phinisi. 

Authentic travel experience

Exploring Komodo National Park, aboard a modern phinisi yacht, embodies a philosophy that cherishes quality over quantity, authenticity over superficiality, and

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