7 unique spa treatments from around the world

Getting pampered at spas are part and parcel of luxury travel for many people. While there’s nothing wrong with conventional treatments, some travellers are looking for a spa treatment that’s a little bit different – and we’re not talking about sand baths and seaweed wraps. In this guide, we’ll visit the place where innovation meets wellness and take a look at 7 truly unique spa treatments from around the globe. From Poland to Indonesia, let’s explore 7 of the most unique spa treatments in the world. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive in!

Snake massages in Indonesia

Imagine lying down on a massage table, ready for the warm oils, when all of a sudden you feel something slithering on your back. It might make you squirm, but this treatment, known as snake massage or snake therapy, is a well-known spa treatment that’s particularly popular in Indonesia.

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