8 must-try South American national dishes

8 must-try South American national dishes By on Feb 28, 2022 in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Food and Drink, Peru, Regions, South America, Travel Miscellany, Uruguay

Home to almost half-a-billion people, Latin America is a vast continent covering more or less the entire range of climates existent on Earth — from the deserts of Peru to the rainforests of Brazil, from the Andean paramo to the frosty peaks of Patagonia. Like its diverse geography, the peoples and cultures of the region are also astoundingly diverse – and a component of that is, of course, … their foods.

To start looking at such diverse cuisine, we’ve picked some of our favorite South American national dishes for you to try during your upcoming travels here.

1. Argentina: Asados (Grilled meats to die for)

Argentina… The very name evokes images of sensuous tango dancers, gauchos out

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