9 local gems along the east coast of Australia

9 local gems along the east coast of Australia By on Mar 04, 2022 in Attractions, Australia, Going Out, Oceania, Regions

The East Coast of Australia stretches over 4000 kilometres. If you drive from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland to Melbourne in Victoria, it would take approximately 30 hours. This stunning stretch of coastline is filled with astonishing places, many of which you may have already heard of.

From the glamour of Australia’s largest city, Sydney, the ancient rainforest of the Daintree, and the Great Barrier Reef to the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay and the vibrant city of Brisbane. There is so much to discover in this magical part of the world. Do you prefer to get off the beaten track, and explore away from the crowds?

Here are 9 local gems to explore along the East Coast of

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