A tour through the know-how of Brazilian women artisans

A tour through the know-how of Brazilian women artisans By on Mar 21, 2023 in Brazil, Regions, South America

Knowledge and culture passed on from one generation to another by hands. This is a way of presenting the female legacy of handicrafts that exemplify the authentic practice and knowledge across the different regions of Brazil. A history full of heritages of different settlers, combined with the local traditions of native peoples, results in a diverse sample of the creativity of Brazilian craft production.

In Ceará, for example, Carmel Charme Resort (in Aquiraz) and Carmel Taíba Exclusive Resort (in Taíba Beach), in order to promote artistry and value regionalism, spotlight the local cultural wealth through many crafts and decorative items scattered throughout the hotels, all hand-made by local artisans with outstanding care for detail and finish. Surprising ceramic, straw, and lace creations with their own identity

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