Baby’s first adventure: 7 game-changing tips for traveling with a baby

Embarking on your baby’s first trip is a milestone, and believe me, I’m right there with you, in the thick of planning my own little one’s debut journey. I know firsthand the mix of excitement and jitters that comes with traveling with a baby. To ease our collective minds, I reached out to my circle of travel experts—seasoned parents who’ve mastered the art of globetrotting with tots in tow. I’ve compiled the crème de la crème of their tips along with my own experience to create a guide that’s tried, tested, and totally parent-approved.

Choosing your destination is the first step

It’s crucial to consider what kind of vacation you’re after. Are you looking for a peaceful beach retreat to unwind? Or perhaps an adventure that’s easier to manage while your child isn’t yet walking? Pick a place that matches your desires. Also, consider the time zone

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