Botswana: A sustainable safari destination

Botswana: A sustainable safari destination By on May 17, 2023 in Accommodation, Africa, Botswana, Camping, Regions, Resorts

There are few countries in Africa that can compete with Botswana for safari exclusivity and luxury, as well as abundant wildlife and diverse landscapes. With a population of roughly 2 million, the country is slightly larger than France and slightly smaller than Texas, yet 40% of its land is dedicated to parks and wildlife. Botswana’s government has prescribed a high-income, low-volume, low-impact, ecotourism policy, meaning fewer tourists and better protected natural wildernesses. In addition, they have dedicated their army to anti-poaching – one of the reasons the country is such a safe haven for wildlife. In wilderness areas like the depths of the Okavango Delta and its surrounds, not only are the safari camps and lodges more ecologically minded and more

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